5 Useful Tips To Travel In Laos

If it was told that Laos was the most affordable tourist attraction in south East Asia. In fact, it can be statistically and economically proven that it is the most affordable place. On the top of that, Laos has certain areas such as Luang Prabang where there is a paradise of things to discover. In travelling in the country, there are a few things that you should know in order to be not-shocked and to save money too. 

Here are such 5 Laos’s travelling tips. 

Know its currency 

The reason why typical western tourists get to have heavenly facilities is due to the currency difference. As at end of April of 2018, 1 USD is equivalent to 8331 Laotian kip. There is no need to explain on how favorable this can be to you, especially if you were on a budget. In the end of the day, remember how the currency differ. 

Get your visa approved right 

Getting your visa approved for a Laotian visit is the easiest thing in the world. In fact, Laos is prideful on how convenient it is for tourists to visit their country. But you need to keep an eye on the terms of the visa. For an instance, if you were planning on to sell things, there is a procedure. Hence, get your visas approved, properly. 

Know when to go 

Just like any country in the world, Laos is a vivid place enriched with culture. That’s why you should know the seasonal time periods to visit the country such as the colder Nov-Dec, and the extra hot march and April that you have to think twice on visiting. On contrary, knowing the off-season would allow you to even lower the rates on many things including accommodation. Nevertheless, you still can find affordable hotels in luang prabang with swimming pool which is probably the best area of the country.  

Ensure staying over at a great place 

If the rates are this cheap, should you really lower your comfort? You should not. If you looked at nam khan villa resort luang prabang you’d see that it is one of the most effective places where the location is at a very optimal proximity to most of the country’s acclaimed visit sites. The bottom-line is that, these things are almost free of charge; you only need to look in the right place. 

Have a rough idea on in-country travel costs 

What is it like to travel inside the country? After all, you can’t really walk the distances, unless you’re hiking. For per day rentals, everything is little around $10. Being more specific motorcycles can be rented from $7-$11 per day and Tuk-tuks that are driven by motorcycles don’t exceeds $5. It’s a paradise that comes at such a cheap price. 

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